From an early age, Stephanie felt this life was a dream and sought to understand the truth hidden behind external events. 

At age 19, she had two near death experiences that permanently altered her perceptions about the nature of reality. Having seen the vastness of other worlds, she became disillusioned with Earth life and fell into a deep depression. After spending a year in near-seclusion she resumed her education and graduated with a journalism degree. While working as a newspaper reporter, her night dreams began to merge with her waking dreams and she sought assistance to help her make sense of her experiences. 

In 1997, she met Paul Levy, who was a Jungian scholar and head of the Padmahasambava Buddist center in Portland, Oregon. She was then initiated into Dzogchen meditation by Tibetan Buddhist masters Khenpo Palden and Khenpo Tsewang.  Soonafter she was introduced to Valum Votan (José Argüelles) and immediately felt an inexplicable  connection with him as well as an awakening of memory. At this point she began to follow the 13 Moon calendar which led to accelerated shifts in her awareness and increased synchronicities.  In 2000 she had her first visionary experience at the tomb of the Red Queen in Palenque, Mexico, which awakened a profound remembrance of a covenant made in another time. 

In 2002, Stephanie became full-time apprentice to Valum Votan, and a mysterious channel opened  (a between the worlds transmission) that they called GM108X (Galactic Mayan Mind transmission). During these transmissions, a new and pristine vibration entered their beings, charging the atmosphere in the room; earthly personas dropped away and they knew themselves only as “Votan” and “Red Queen”. These transmissions were combined with study of all world religions, sciences, art and various traditions and belief systems. The knowledge was synthesized into a seven volume book series called the Cosmic History Chronicles. 

After Arguelles' passing in 2011, Stephanie remained in secluded retreat for nearly two years, writing the seventh and final Cosmic History Chronicle and the biography of Jose Arguelles before returning to United states in 2013. She then assumed the role as Creative Director of the Foundation for the Law of Time. She is currently working on Uninscribed: Awakening the Galactic Feminine.


Official biography

Stephanie South is a mystic, artist, synchronic visionary and lineage holder of the Galactic Mayan Mind transmission. She is author of more than 10 books, including the award-winning Accessing Your Multidimensional Self and the soon-to-be released, Uninscribed: Awakening the Galactic Feminine. As the protégé and partner of Dr. José Argüelles (Valum Votan), she worked with him for nine years on the Noosphere II project, an exploration into the inner realms of consciousness and science of telepathy and synchronicity based on galactic time science. 

She is coauthor with Argüelles of the seven volume Cosmic History Chronicles and also wrote his biography, Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of José Argüelles. She is Creative Director of the Foundation for the Law of Time, which promotes a new perception of time as a frequency based on Synchronicity which can be accessed through the 13 Moon calendar. The Law of Time also provides planetary and whole systems context for the shifts we as a species are now undergoing. She publishes a moonly newsletter and bi-annual Galactic eZine to promote the teachings through art, and travels the world assisting other time travelers in their Awakening to their Cosmic Essence.