Getting Started

We are here to go beyond anything that has ever occurred on earth. Living Time Science points the way.

Artificial Time creates an Artificial Society and Artificial Beings. Many people do not live their own lives. Its time to change the pattern.

We are here to embody galactic consciousness. The first requirement is to become fully human; to integrate and balance all facets of being. Through shifting focus we can stop identifying with the world of shadows and, instead, develop the capacity to ‘stay awake’ to the Bigger Picture.

We are a microcosm of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos, and all multiverses. Everything is fractal. Everything is connected.  We are Living Time. Time is of the Mind. 

The Transformation of the physical world will come when our Mind Remembers Itself. You can start now by realizing that the Same Mind that is reading these words wrote these words. 

This Remembrance is a key purpose of this site. 

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