Law of Time: Primary law that organizes all of the universe according to time. 

Law of Time demonstrates that everything is a harmony of fractal repeating patterns projected from Higher Mind (4D). 

Old Mind = Rote, conditioned mind based in duality, assumptions, greed, operating with limited awareness. repeating cliches etc. Old Mind keeps people in a Prison of limitation. This is 12:60 artificial frequency.

New Mind = Holomind Perceiver, the ability to perceive all of "Reality" as one whole interconnected structure. This new MInd allows us to hold simultaneous points of view and belief systems without being attached to any.  This New Mind is prerequisite to accessing and sustaining dormant Superhuman powers. This is 13:20 Natural Time frequency.

G.O.D.: Galactic Ordering Dynamic

Resonance - Comes from Latin word means to ‘resound’ - to sound together. When we resonate with someone or something we match our vibrational frequency to that person or object. All Polarity is resolved in resonance.

Telepathy—Telepathy does not rely on the Internet, does not rely on a electro-magnetic grid. Telepathy is a pure mental thought-wave going from one higher self to another higher self...We evolve the higher self through our mind to produce that telepathy.

Noosphere: The Universal telepathic field. Our mind is always living and moving through the noosphere.

Galactic:  refers to Galaxy.Galaxy is a thought molecule that is continuously creating and transforming itself (like us). Its ability to create from Itself is the Great Mystery. The time codes contain frequencies that tune us into galactic consciousness. 

Galactic Citizenship: The recognition that the Earth is in reality an orbiting satellite of a star, the sun, which is a member of the local galaxy, “Milky Way.”

Technosphere: an artificial timing system out of synch with the natural timing frequent of the rest of the universal order.